August 25, 2005. 1.8 Jiari, silver-lined Tozan inlay, stainless/rattan center rings.  The bamboo was originally harvested for a 2.0, but some noticeable bug damage at the root area allowed for some fill and resizing for a 1.8. For some reason, which escapes me at the moment, I opted to do a full clearcoat on this flute.

9/8/06: My good friend and renowned koto player, Reiko Obata, agreed to help christen me into the world of sankyoku with an informal jam on Hokkai Minyo-cho, using this flute.  Thank you, Reiko, for your gentle smiles and nods through all of my mistakes!  Audio file below.

Hokkai Minyo-cho Practice

by Derek Choice / Reiko Obata