A Few of My Favorite Shakuhachi Links

Makers, Players, Teachers

Windwheel.com / Jeff Cairns

Teacher, player, creator. Based in Kumamoto, Japan, Jeff always has a ton of shakuhachi-related things going on.

Japanshakuhachi.com / David Sawyer

Very high quality, new and pre-owned Japanese shakuhachi. Auditioning available. One of my first stops when looking for a fine instrument.

Mu-Jitsu Shakuhachi / Ken LaCosse

San Francisco-based maker, Ken LaCosse, is a true artisan and very fine maker of traditional, hand-adjusted bore shakuachi. I have owned a few of his instruments and loved them all. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful tonality, great balance and highly responsive. He also does exceptional repair work.  The home of Taimu shakuhachi.

Shakuhachi.com / Monty Levenson

One of the most comprehensive websites relating to the Shakuhachi with a wealth of great information, updated teacher listings, study materials, and quality cast-bore shakuhachi for sale.

Yung Flutes / Perry Yung

NY based shakuhachi maker, performer and teacher offering a versatile range of fine shakuhachi, with repair services available.

John Singer

Master shakuhachi teacher, performer and broker of only top-quality instruments.

David Brown

Very beautiful bamboo and exotic hardwood Shakuhachi.

Justin Senryu

Master maker, performer and teacher of concert-quality shakuhachi.

flutedojo.com / Jon Kypros

Teacher, performer and maker of fine jinashi shakuhachi.

Shakuhachi.org / Mary Lu Brandwein

A very fine, San Diego-based shakuhachi teacher and performer.

Stan Richardson

An exceptional performer and teach; head of Mujuan Shakuhachi Dojo in Texas, a branch of his teacher’s school based in Kyot,o and founded by Yodo Kurahashi.


Official website of The International Shakuhachi Society. A great resource!


General Links, Suppliers

Myoan Shakuhachi Blog

This is one of my daily clicks.  Fantastic blog!  It is updated regularly and offers a rare look into many historical aspects of the Komuso shakuhachi realm.  Tons of fantastic images.

ESS Shakuhachi Forum

The go-to online community for shakuhachi players and makers of all levels.

Hanko Database

Courtesy of Jeff Cairns, a great resource for those wanting to know who might have made the shakuhachi they just bought. (I’m on this a lot more than I care to admit!)

Mejiro Shakuhachi

Tokyo-based shakuhachi retailer with tons of making supplies, teaching materials and new/used instruments.


A domestic source for Urushi and parts/supplies for Nihonto, Bugu, Shikki, restoration. Located in San Diego, CA, a mere 20 minutes from me!


Good Japanese source for urushi, pigments, etc.

The Flute Case Store

Very good source for durable flute carrying cases, tubes and bags.

Shakuhachi Length Converter

Convert between Shaku-sun-bu, metric and SAE.

Shakuhachi Beat

A shakuhachi-related Facebook page by Chris Moran, one of the great Photoshop artists out there..