Over the past 15 years or so, I have saved certain articles, or bits of information I found interesting, along the way.  Perhaps there is something in there that will be helpful for others?  I have credited the original source(s), where known.

Bore Adjustments

Bore Adjustments

Of all of the info I have saved through the years, this is the most referenced for me. It is a compilation of numerous posts, from various makers, in a couple of different forums.  For shakuhachi makers, I feel there is some valuable info here. As I remember, Ken, Toby and Perry were the major contributors, though there might be comments from others, as well.

Let's Make the Shakuhachi

Let's Make the Shakuhachi

By John Kaizan Neptune.  This article is an abridgment from the Japanese magazine “Woody Hands” on John Neptune’s shakuhachi making.

Make a Shakuhachi - Ken LaCosse

Making the Japanese Shakuhachi Flute

Very informative tips and techniques on shakuhachi making by Ken LaCosse, Mujitsu Shakuhachi.

Magic Bamboo

The Magic Bamboo

“The Magic Bamboo of the Japanese Shakuhachi” – by Thomas Allocca.  A great, general overview of the shakuhachi realm.

3 Octave Fingering

3 Octave Fingering Chart

Note names and fingering for Otsu, Kan and Daikan.



A compilation of various breathing techniques and recommendations, from a variety of sources.