Akimine 1.9

Two Stamp Akimine 1.9.  Dense bamboo and fine craftsmanship.  Stamps read 秋峯 which translates to Akimine; could not find any info on this highly refined maker. This is a very responsive flute with a nice ro, beautiful tone and full meris.

The bore is exquisite and all original, except for a small area around the new buffalo horn inlay (slightly darker red “neri bengara” urushi). Original urushi center rings, 2 shallow cracks repaired with inlaid bindings and decorative mentori rattan surface bindings sealed with shuai urushi; one inlaid+mentori binding at the root.

Excellent tuning and very easy to play far up into the 3rd octave.  Comes with leather utaguchi cap and silk bag.