Gyokusui Kono 1.8 + Audio Sample

Very stout Kono 1.8 in great condition.  Made from a beefy (37mm avg diameter) piece of bamboo weighing in at 16.7oz (473gr)!  New urushi at the joint, new inlay and plastic center rings replaced with rattan by Ken LaCosse.  Medium-sized bore is all original, except for a minor touch-up at utaguchi area after new inlay and a BB sized area below #4 to correct a scrape in the urushi.

The natural growth crevice in the bamboo below the 5th fushi was likely in the bamboo before harvesting and is purely aesthetic (a positive to the wabi sabi crowd). A couple of hairline cracks in the root area that look to have been present for many years. You could add a binding or staple there at some point, but, personally, I would just leave it alone unless something changes.

I consider this a medium-grade Kono that plays easily well into the 3rd octave, with signature Gyokusui tone/tuning.

Comes with a very nice Monty bag (no utaguchi cap).