Iba Kinshu 1.6

This is a very lively Iba Kinshu 1.6 in fantastic condition. Beautiful piece of bamboo with the rare 5 root rings. Original polished urushi center rings, buffalo horn Kinko inlay, very snug joint. Superb craftsmanship, no cracks.

I did not know much about this maker and a bit of searching found a short thread in the old shakuhachiforum – CLICK HERE TO READ.

Highly responsive, tonal, fun little flute to play, with good tuning; Ri prefers just the #1 hole covered (versus 1&2), which is not uncommon for many shakuhachi. Hole #3 appears to have been moved slightly and aesthetically blended, something this maker was also known for (much less noticeable in person than the pics portray, due to the flash). Leather utaguchi cap included.

Length: 48.5 cm
Diameter at Utaguchi: 2.2 cm
Diameter at root end: 2.1 cm
Weight: 305 grams