Shaved Black 1.8

Fully shaved, black lacquered bamboo 1.8. This is not hardwood… it is a full bamboo jiari shakuhachi with the nodes completely shaved. It is likely 40 to 50 years old and the original black urushi exterior shows the usual light wear for the age.

Responsive, nice tone, good tuning with tsu/re just a hint flat (in otsu only) and easily adjusted for. Very easy to play well into the upper dai kan octave. Tozan inlay, black urushi center joint with lacquer-sealed exterior rattan, dark green center divider. Very nice red urushi bore and the tone is surprisingly refined and that of a quality Japanese maker. It is stamped, but the hanko is unreadable to me.

Great playing/sounding shakuhachi with full meri’s and nice ro’s. Leather utaguchi cap included.