Shuhdoh 1.8

This is a stunningly beautiful, classic Kinko shakuhachi that is likely 100 or more years old, and extremely well played.  The stamp reads 秀童 which translates to Shudo, or Shuhdoh; I could not find any information on this maker (I would love to know more, if someone is familiar with him).  100% original, highly-refined bore in near-flawless condition; hairline scratch in the lacquer surface at the top of the hozo (see photo).  Ro is simply fantastic on this flute… very warm and very large.  Good tuning, nice tone, smaller sweet spot on Re, but shows itself with a little acclimation.  Deeper cut utaguchi, a trait of certain schools in Japan, from what I am told. Joint is snug with several new coats of urushi (applied after these photos were taken).

This is a medium-response flute (probably due, in part, to the deeper cut ut), loud, with a larger bore, and is ideally suited for formal study, sankyoku, etc. Were I not a lover of smaller bore flutes, this one would never leave my quiver.

Comes with leather ut cap and a very nice Monty bag with a 350 year old (1668) Japanese Mon coin at the end of the ties.