Shakuhachi Collection of Old

Jul 29, 2017

Ha!  I was browsing through the old posts on Myoan Shakuhachi Blog and ran across this page: – (Notice Brian RItchie’s collection 6 below mine… disgusting!  And awesome.  Also curious to know how many of those collections in the Myoan blog post are still the same.  I’m betting none)

Ironically, I got half way down the page and recognized one of the collections as my own, way back in 2003 +/- (though the image was used in the 2010 Myoan blog post).  After 14 years, I had completely forgotten about some of those flutes, and none are in my current collection.  From left to right, they are:

Bonchiku 1.8
Tai Hei 1.5
Mujitsu 2.4
Tai Hei 1.8
Tai Hei Student 1.8
David Brown Redgum 1.8
Yung 1.4?
Maple 1.8
I forget 2.something
Yung 2.8
And a collection of 8 shakuhachi by the same maker

As I remember, it was a composite image so the lengths are not to scale.  That Mujitsu 2.4 is a fantastic instrument and has really made the rounds though the hands of some fine players, as well as immortalized on a few CD’s.  Should have kept it, dang it!

Maybe soon I will post an updated photo of my current collection; I did just add a few of my all-time favorites to the bottom of the gallery page.