My Current Collection, 2017

Thought I would take a couple of shots of my current collection. It’s always fun to look back on, years later, after the usual new additions and others venturing yonder. These are my favorite, daily players.

These images are large, by intent, and are set to open in a new browser window for easy zooming.

Top to bottom:

Keishin 2.0, war era: Wonderful flute!  Presently for sale – full details HERE.

Edo 1.9: A very unique monk flute, likely 200 years old +/-. The upper portion is fully engraved with a poem I have not yet been able to have translated. This is the smoothest shakuhachi I have ever held–the maker shaved the skin of the bamboo between the nodes, and was done so meticulously it feels like velvet in the hands. Maybe it was fine-sanded with baby manta ray skin or other period secrets? A wonderful, easy player with classic Edo tone.

Gyokusui Kono 1.8, mid to late century: Beautiful bamboo, Presently for sale – full details HERE.

Seikado / Kitahara 1.8, 80-90 years old: Excellent nobekan jiari by a renowned maker, beautiful to hold and play. I recently sold this flute and full info and pics can be found HERE.

Seien ryu 1.8, late 1800’s: I purchased this from David Sawyer recently and it is one of my all-time favorite shakuhachi. The tone and versatility are fantastic. Tsu no meri’s are huge and very accessible. In David’s words: “This shakuhachi dates from the late 19C and is from the Seien-ryu lineage of Fudai-ji temple in Japan. Towari tuning. It plays very well (easy to play in tune) and is suitable for both honkyoku and Kinko sankyoku, including formal study. The voicing is charming, sweet and old-sounding. This flute has been played a lot and has much evidence of its travels through life. Excellent condition. Ultra-Light in weight at 245g. This depth of patina can only come from sankyoku playing, not merely honkyoku. Typical Seien. This is my own instrument and I’ve kept it for many years now, and played it with remembrance for the player who loved it so much.”

Edo 1.8: Most likely a monk flute, probably well over 200 years old.  Presently for sale – full details HERE.

(not shown is an Iba Kinshu 1.6, currently for sale HERE).